The ongoing story of MaritzART & Nguni Hides

MaritzART & Nguni Hides is a dream that originated in 2008 when Maritz end Lindies' paths crossed.  In 2009 they got married and together they started dreaming of their own business, where they can be the boss and work at their own pace.

Initially Maritz painted part time while he was still working in the Financial Industry.  After lots of deliberation they took the "leap of faith"  and since August 2012 they've been building on MaritzART & Nguni Hides.

Maritz always had a love for drawing.  He started painting in 1994 as a hobby.  Today he is a self tought artist using only oil as a medium.  His art can be described as something between realism and superrealism.  He enjoys painting wild life, people and nguni cattle.  He also does commissions that ranges from landscapes, faces, pets etc.  Maritz recently started painting Nguni's on Shweshwe which is a huge success and very unique.

Shweshwe is a traditional dress fabric that has become wildly popular in modern African couture culture.  Originally dyed indigo, the modern shweshwe fabric is manufactured in a variety of colours and printing designs characterized by intricate geometric patterns.

Lindie was born to be in sales.  She is great in identifying new business opportunities and if she believes in a product nothing will stop her from selling it.  During 2015 she spotted the opportunity to combine Maritz' art with that of selling Nguni hides.  Together they travelled the country to find the best suppliers of good quality Nguni hides.  They have since sold more than 2500 hides to happy clients - locally and abroad.

The Nguni breed are the traditional breed of the Zulu nation and have strong associations both in name and in physical attributes to their surroundings on the plains of KwaZulu-Natal and Zululand.  Nguni hides are an assortment of rich colours and patterns.

Nguni hides are highly functional and are mostly used as "rugs" in homes and furniture coverings as they are both decorative and warm.

They (MaritzART & Nguni Hides)  are currently one of the largest Nguni hide retailers in the world.  They are very successful in combining the hides with Maritz' Nguni painitngs.

Maritz & Lindie lives in Pretoria, South Africa.  Their eldest daughter is a first year student at Stellenbosch University and the youngest in Grade 10 at Die Hoërskool Menlopark.  Maritz & Lindie travel countrywide to exhibit the paintings and Nguni hides.  They love living their dream!



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